ABACA Florist is based in Aro Valley Wellington, delivering flowers throughout the wider Wellington region. Devoted to nature, we avoid importing flowers from overseas, content with the wonderful range of homegrown blooms we have to work with. Our style is organic, unstructured and a little bit wild.  Available for wedding and event floristry, style consultation, as well as floral subscription and gift services.

girl holding flowers
“Your professionalism, patience, creativeness, attention to detail is truly one of a kind. The flowers and especially the arrangement for the executive board room BLEW ME AWAY (blew everyone away!!! ) It was the WOW factor the team wanted without a cliche in sight. Abaca goes above and beyond, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Holly!”


MONDAY // 9.00-5.30PM 

TUESDAY // 9.00-5.30PM

WEDNESDAY // 9.00AM-5.30PM 

THURSDAY // 9.00AM-5.30PM

FRIDAY // 9.00AM-5.30PM

SATURDAY // 9.00AM-5.30PM

SUNDAY // 9.00AM-5.30PM

Abaca mainly delivers flowers, however our studio at 93 Aro Street, Aro Valley is open to pop into 1-5 daily to pick up blooms.