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Holly Ormond and the team at Abaca Florist are passionate about creating bespoke florals for modern couples. Our style has been described as wild, whimsical and untamed. From buttonholes and flower crowns to large leafy installations, tell us your vision and we will help make it happen. 

Send us an email to book a free wedding consultation and cost estimate. 

photo of bride and groom over Makara Beach, Wellington
jazz and anton sitting together with flowers by Abaca Florist
couple at makara smiling holding flowers
Jazz and anton standing underneath brick arch holding flowers by Abaca Florist Wellington
Flowers by Abaca Florist Wellington photo of couple hugging romantically in red woods
Jazz and Anton sitting on steps holding flowers by Abaca Florist Wellington
Bride standing on hill water behind her holding Abaca Florist Wellington flowers, flowers by Holly Ormond
Flowers by Abaca Florist Wellington
three bouquets in white with peonies held up agains at wall. Flowers by Holly ormond of Abaca Florist wellington

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couple siling in front of glass building holding flowers by Holly ormond, Abaca Florist Wellington
Couple with Abaca Florist Wellington
Monkey behind glass at wellington zoo looking at abaca florist flowers
abaca florist wellington flowers
wedding veil and bouquet in wind, happy couple Abaca florist wellington
black and white wedding photo of kiss
monkey playfully reaching out for abaca florist bouquet wellington zoo
smiling couple with kaka at wellington zoo with flowers by abaca
couple on a bridge with flowers by Holly Ormond
Flowers by Holly Ormond happy couple smiling
Photo of couple with bouquet
two happy people holding flowers by ABACA